Getting To Know Canasta Rules

The game of canasta is played using two packs of fifty cards each which additionally have four jokers (two from each pack), making a total of hundred and eight cards. As per the canasta rules, every player is dealt a hand. In the middle of the table, a pile of cards is kept facing downwards this known as a stock and another pack of cards is piled up facing upwards known as the discard pile. Same as in the case of game of blackjack, the player sitting on the extreme left of the dealer would be the first one to play and thereafter, the turn of playing the game passes onto the other players in a clockwise pattern. A fundamental turn comprises of taking the uppermost card from the stock, to be added to the hand of the player, without displaying it to the other opponents and taking out one card from the hand and placing it on the top of the discard pile, facing upwards.

After taking the card, but prior to discarding a card to the discard pile, the players at times would be able to play a number of cards from their hands, facing upwards on the table. Playing cards in such a manner, as per the canasta rules is known as melding and the sets of the card, played in this manner are known as melds. Such melds stay on the table facing upwards, till the time the game does not end.

The game comes is completed at the time when anyone of all the players has disposed of all his cards that he had. The player is permitted to go only if his or her team has fulfilled some conditions which can differ according to different variants of the game of canasta.  But the player has to complete one meld of seven cards known as “canasta”. In a number of versions of the game of canasta, the player can go out by melding his or her complete hand as well, thus leaving behind no cards to be discarded. The game can also be finished if there are no cards left in the stock. This means that the game would be finished immediately if the player concerned in unable to draw any card from the stock and the complete hand is given points.

Under some circumstances, in place of taking cards from the stock, the player is permitted to take all the cards from the discard pile. For doing this, the player should be able to meld the uppermost discard, in the absence of requirement of having any other cards from the discard pile for making the meld valid of the player. In this case, the player will have to put the required cards on the table from his or her hand and add the uppermost card of the pile of discard for making a valid meld. Thereafter, the player would have to take the rest of the cards from the discard and would have to add them to his or hand.