Conquian Rules- A variation of the rummy game

Conquian is considered one of the earliest rummy games. This game has been in existence since 1880s. It is said that this game actually originated in Latin America. There are two players. The deck comprises of cards in the standard suits that are the clubs, hearts, diamonds, and spades they are in their normal sequence from A to K. This can be done by putting the 10s, 9s, and 8s, out of a normal pack of 52 cards. At one time ten cards are given to every player by the dealer. The cards that are left are positioned face down on top of the table. This is called the stock. The main objective of this game is that a player has to move out first if he melds 11 cards. The term Melding means to place a suitable grouping of cards on to the table face up. The face up cards is called a player’s meld. There are particular types of combination that is allowed. One of the combinations is a short or a group.

This group combines four cards of the similar rank. Another combination that is allowed is a straight or a sequence of eight to three cards of a similar suit. These have to be in a consecutive order. There has to be one or in excess of one separate legitimate combinations on the table. At one time a card cannot be the component of more than one combination. One important point in Conquian Rules is that one sequence should not consist of more than eight cards.

This limit has been defined so that a player can meld precisely eleven cards in order to win. This can be done only if a player has at least two combinations, and if one of the combinations has three cards, which is the minimum size, then the other combination cannot has more than eight cards. The game begins with a non- dealer who start the play when he turn the card that is placed on the top of the pile called stock with face up. Then this player has two choices one is that he can meld his card with the cards that he have in hand or to pass. He can pass the card by leaving it on the stock pile with face up, so that the card can be utilized by the dealer. After this, comes the turn of the dealer to play. Another point in the Conquian Rules that should be kept in mind is that the melds of two players have to be considered separate. You cannot lay them off so as to get rid of the cards. It should be noted that it is never possible to pick up the centre card for using it later into your hand.

A player can meld combinations from his hand only when he take the centre card and use it in his meld at the same time as well. Other than this one cannot meld the hand cards. These are some of the most important points of the Conquian Rules that have to be followed for playing this game properly.