Rummy Card Games- one of the most popular card games

Rummy Card Games are one of the most loved and most played card games. Rummy is a group of card games that fall under the category of matching card games. Rummy card games have many variations. The basic type of rummy is also known as Sai rummy and another type of rummy game is called the Sanka Rummy. The features of both the types of Rummy card games are almost similar. Most of the Rummy card games use a regular deck of 52 cards. Rummy can be had fun to a definite number of deals or to a fixed score only.
The game starts with the player who is on the left of the dealer and then moves clockwise. Then each player takes out a card from the discard pile or the stock pile. In some of the variations of rummy even joker is used. There are many card games that have been derived from rummy. Back in the twentieth century the game of rummy appeared for the first time. Basic rummy is as well known as Straight rummy. The game of rummy is played mostly with two or four players.
The number of players can sometimes go up to six players. Players agree on the number of deal or target score before beginning the game. The main objective of the game is to discard all the cards in a player’s hand. The three ways by which a player can dispose his cards are by discarding, by laying off, and melding. With the improvement in gaming technology and with the spread of the internet online card games are also getting very popular. Online Rummy Card Games can be very easily played as the rules are same.

 Online one can play many different types of Rummy Card Games like Gin Rummy, Traditional Rummy, Rummy 500, Kalooki 51 and many others. One can win very big prizes by playing rummy online as well. There are many promotional offers that are provided online that attract people to play these games online, like free games, no deposit on registration and many other offers. Online one can learn to play the game very easily.

 All the instructions are easily available just a click away. Rummy is a group of games that follow the ‘Draw’ and ‘Discard’ formation. There are many theories regarding this game and each theory points the invention of the game to different nations and different people. Some people say that rummy has originated from “Conquian” that is a Spanish game. The most popular variant of this game is the Gin Rummy. The game is very exciting and a very quick game also. So if you want to enjoy a card game either in real or over the internet then rummy will be a very good option. Most of the Rummy variants are now played online, so you can pick one that you want to play. Playing rummy online is equally exciting and enjoyable and one can easily register and start to play this game over the internet.