An In-Depth Look into the Game of Baccarat


Also known as Punto Banco the game of baccarat is on a general basis played in a separate area of casino. The table on which baccarat is played is over the size of the table of craps at which there are twelve to fourteen players along with three dealers. There are only two chief wagers that are needed to be made the player or the banker along with the scarcely employed Standoff. A number of casinos allow the players to deal the cards one by one whereas few of the casinos have the dealers to deal the cards. In the online version of baccarat there is a virtual dealer who deals the cards.

Every player, along with the player who is dealing the cards may either place a wager either on Banco or Punto. Players may not choose to deal the cards and may pass on the shoe to the subsequent player. The shoe is there with the player till the time the Bank wins. In case Punto is the winner, the shoe is given onto the subsequent player. On a general basis, the dealing is done with two hands and you have to place a wager on the one which you will win or that they would tie. Baccarat is the same as placing a wager on red or black at the game of roulette. The difference between Banco and Punto is that if you win on a Banco, you would be a five per cent of commission of the total prize money that goes to the casino.

The reason behind levying taxes on Banco is that it has been set up on the deck of eight cards that play on the aggregate the Banco would win would actually be three or four hands more than that of Punto. Every hand in the game of baccarat comprise of at least two and three cards at the maximum. The dealer or the player dealing with the cards would place two cards facing downwards and nicely tucked in the shoe, and would provide the player with the maximum wager upon Punto keeping another two cards facing downwards. The player of Punto thereafter takes a look at the cards and returns them again to the player who was dealing with the cards. Thereafter, the player dealing with the cards would turn the cards upside of both the hands by the time one of dealers of the casino announces the winner with the results.  

In case the hand comes out to a value of eight or nine, nine being the highest value, then it is known as a “Natural” and the dealing of cards is stopped then and there. In case it is not a natural, then depending on what the value is the dealer of the casino would instruct the dealer of the cards for dealing another or the third card. The decision of dealing with the third card follows as per the rules that are set by different casinos. As soon as the casino is done with the dealing, the hand with maximum value is the winner.