Card Games - Different types of Card Games


There are countless Card games that are available. Some of the games have common rules where as the rules of some games vary according to culture, region and person. There are different types of card games. Some of them include trick taking games, matching games, shedding games, fishing games and many more. Multiple rounds are played in trick taking games.  In each rounds a player has to play a single card and one of the players wins the trick depending on the values of the played cards.

The objective of each game may vary. Some of the well known trick taking Card games includes Bridge, Spades, and Euchre etc. in the matching and melding games one of the players have to match the cards before the other opponents. Rummy is a very good example of matching card games. The shedding games begin with a hand of cards and the winner is the one who is the first to discard all his cards. Some of the matching games also fall under the category of shedding games.

Fishing Card games is a combination of matching card games and shedding card games. In these games a player has to search for cards either by taking it from other players or drawing it out form a bundle or pool of cards. The term ‘Fish’ is used as the player has to fish or in other words search for the cards. ‘Go Fish’ is very classic game of this category and is also admired by many card game lovers.

Some of the other categories of the card games are comparing games, Solitaire games, Collectible card games, gambling or casino card games and many more. The list is endless with a vast variety of card games. Casino card games are related to wagers. There are many games on which bets can be placed but these games are designed in such a way that betting becomes a part of the strategy of these games.

Blackjack is one such card game. Some of the card games are especially designed for amateurs and some are cherished by the professionals. Multi-genre card games are another type of card games that encompasses elements from more than a single type of card game. These days with the spread of internet online card games are getting very popular. Games like solitaire and poker are played the most over the internet.

Even on mobile phones people play these card games. Online, the rules are almost the same. There are numerous card games that are available over the internet. One can choose any of these games according to their choice and fondness. These can either be played online or can be downloaded. Online casino card games are very popular. One can get a bankroll for online gaming. One can also win real money with these games. With the free games that are available online one can easily play the card games that they want to play. People also enjoy playing the different types of online card games.