Exploring the History of the Game of Poker


The history of the game of the poker is said to go back about more than ten centuries before than when the other games were brought into emergence. Nevertheless, all the games consist of the same domino combinations and ranked cards and the use of the concept of deception to deceive the other players. The game of poker saw its origin in the 969 A.D. when a similar game was invented. It was invented by the emperor MU-Sung when he was seen playing cards with his wife with those domino cards on the eve of New Year.

Then there are the Egyptians in the twelfth thirteenth centuries that are known for using a kind of playing cards and in the sixteenth century the “Ganjifa” or better known as the “Treasure Cards” were used for a number of games where people could place a bet. the deck of Ganjifa comprised of ninety six designed cards that were generally made of slices that were as thin as paper of wood or ivory. The Persians thereafter played the game of As Nas that used a set of twenty five cards, hand rankings following a hierarchy and different rounds of placing wagers.  

Another game which owes its origin to France is Poque and the German name Pochen gained extensive popularity in the seventeenth and the eighteenth centuries, both of them evolved from the sixteenth century game of Spain known as Primero which consisted of dealing of three cards to every player. Deceiving the opponents by making high stakes using the cards of low value was a significant feature of the game. The game is said to have evolved in the year 1526 and is better known as mother of poker, as it came out to be the first ever variant of a game that is straight away related to the contemporary game of poker.  

The credit completely goes to the French colonials who gave the game of poker when they came to Canada. So much so, that the game of Poque became the national game of cards for the country of France. Moreover, in the year 1834, it was Jonatha H. Green who came out with the first written reference to the game of poker. In his text, he states the rules for the cheating game that were played on the riverboats of Mississippi. The cheating game soon started to displace the prominent game of three-Monte on the circuit of gambling.

While the period of Wild West was going in the history of America, one could easily come across to saloons of the game of poker situated in almost every city from one coast to another. The game started to gain extensive importance during the period of Civil War when the men of both the armies used to play it. The European impact of the game came to an end when a wild card of joker was added into the deck of cards in the year 1875.  And there has been turning back for the game of poker ever since.